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Budget 2014 Great for ISAs and Pensions

The Budget 2014 really was fantastic news for savers and investors looking to retire in the future. As things stand pension investors

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Protect your Pension from Lifetime Allowance

Investors with large pensions could find themselves

Posted by: PensionsGuru | February 12, 2014

Auto Enrolment – How to meet your deadline

The year 2014 marks the time when mid-sized and smaller businesses will have to meet their obligation to have a pensions auto-enrolment scheme in place. While businesses with over 250 employees will have made their plans well in advance to hit their deadline of February 1, many of the 40,000 businesses who will stage this year have their deadlines before the summer. Whether your organisation is well on the road to implementation or just grappling with the challenge of auto-enrolment, here are some tips to make the project run. 1 Get Advice early No company will be able to make auto-enrolment happen without some external advice about the process and compliance of your proposed pension scheme. There will be high demand for this advice and the later you leave it, the more you can expect to pay. Start the process of finding an advisor early on and build the costs into the budget. 2 Plan early ahead of your deadline Pensions auto-enrolment is a substantial project for every business. You w

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Buying an Annuity – Forget Prudential


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42 pc have never reviewed their pension fund strategy

Almost half (42%) of respondents have never made a change to their defined contribution (DC) pension investments, according to research by AllianceBernstein. In their defined contribution survey, which questioned 500 employees who save into a DC pension, found that 22% believe changes to pension investments are not their responsibility. The research also found: 55% of respondents either do not open or only skim read the letters and emails circulated by their pension provider. 41% of respondents believe it is sufficient for their DC pension investments to be monitored for adjustments at least once every six months. 73% of respondents either have no idea or just a vague idea of the date they will retire. 53% of respondents aged over 55 are unsure of their retirement date. Source: Alliance Bernstein Credencis say: All pension savers need to review their strategy every year to ensure the fund continues to perform to their expectations and meets their risk profile. For more information on

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Scrap National Insurance and force people to save into Pensions

People should be made to pay into lifelong “personal welfare accounts” under reforms which would see them take more financial responsibility for their old age and National Insurance scrapped, a think-tank has argued. The report from Civitas argued that National Insurance is “no longer fit for purpose” and everyone in work should be forced to save into a private pension to help shoulder the burden of rising old age costs. Civitas professorial research fellow Peter Saunders argued in the report, titled Beyond Beveridge, that the principle that those who are able to should pay into the system has been eroded and “taxpayer-funded hand-outs have increasingly replaced contributions-based benefits”. Mr Saunders, who is Professor Emeritus at the University of Sussex, where he was previously Professor of Sociology, said the nation must be “weaned off” its reliance on Government benefits. While the main purpose of the personal welfare accounts would be for retirement saving, they could also pro

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Consolidating your Pensions

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Auto Enrolment – The Lowdown

From October 2012 through to

More than 180,000 higher rate tax payers are missing out on an estimated

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Pros and Cons of Flexible Drawdown

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